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Cable and wire assembly at Z-AXIS produces cable assemblies and wire harnesses in mid-to-high volumes.


Wire harnesses and cable assemblies play a major role in electronic product reliability. Processes for stripping wires and cables and attaching connectors need to ensure strong connections. The approporate strain relief techique prevents damage to the connection during normal use and helps ensure that your product has long life in the field. 

For mid- to high-volume wire and cable assemblies, we use a range of automated and semi-automated equipment to produce high-quality assemblies in the USA, with low labor costs and fast production. We can also fulfil prototype and low-volume orders using semi-automated equipment and hand tools.  

Our manufacuring team will review your wire harness or cable assembly design and offer suggestions for manufacturability. If you’re just getting started, let our in-house design team help you choose the right type of wire, cable and connector for your product.

Cable and Wire Assembly Services

  • Single or multi-strand wire crimps and ferules
  • Coaxial, tri-axial, and multilayered cables
  • Heat shrink labeling
  • Over-molded strain relief
  • Semi-automated continuity testing
Semi-automated processes reduce labor and ensure high quality in wire harness and cable assembly production.
We also provide prototype and low-volume assemblies.


Contact us for a quote on your custom wire harness or cable assembly requirements.

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